WATCH: Trump Tells Sarah Huckabee Sanders She’s Fired for Being More Popular Than He Is

WATCH: Trump Tells Sarah Huckabee Sanders She’s Fired for Being More Popular Than He Is

President Trump pretended to fire his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during his rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Saturday night.

Sanders’ transgression? Trump thinks she is more popular than he is.

The irony is that Trump had dragged Sanders out of the crowd and up to the microphone, where she delivered a paean to his awesomeness.

“It’s pretty hot in this room tonight, thanks to all the amazing things you’ve done for our country,” the erstwhile press secretary, who obviously knows which side her bread is buttered on, told Trump.

She went on to yammer for a minute about how Trump has proven all the naysayers wrong by winning in 2016, rebuilding the military and getting the economy booming. (The military is not really being rebuilt and the economic boom is happening for a variety of factors that have little to do with Trump.)

The crowd cheered lustily for Sanders as she departed the stage, prompting Trump to say, “She’s becoming too popular. I’m jealous. Sarah, you’re fired!”

This would be a lot funnier for Sanders if Trump hadn’t done almost the exact same thing to Tom Price, his former Secretary for Health and Human Services. During a speech to the annual Boy Scouts Jamboree in 2017, Trump told Price that he better get the Affordable Care Act repealed, “or else I’ll say, Tom, you’re fired!”

Price was forced to resign two months later when his use of government jets became a scandal. And it is fairly common knowledge that Trump gets upset whenever any of his advisors are getting more press than he is, or there is an implication that one of them might be responsible in any way for his success. Just ask Steve Bannon.

Watch yourself, Sarah.

Watch the video up top, via Fox News.

Gary Legum

Gary Legum

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