WATCH: CNN’s Abby Phillip Flips Out During Live TV Report When Lizard Crawls On Her

WATCH: CNN’s Abby Phillip Flips Out During Live TV Report When Lizard Crawls On Her

During a live TV hit from West Palm Beach in the wee hours of the morning Friday, CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip suddenly found herself under attack by a Florida lizard and spent several seconds on air attempting to stomp that reptile and regain her composure.

Reporting from West Palm Beach as she’s covering the president during his weekend Easter vacation at Mar-a-Lago, Phillip was standing by as the New Day crew discussed the recently-released Mueller report. Sudden, she could be seen jerking around and freaking out.

“Hold on…Abby, what’s attacking you?” Chris Cuomo asked as co-anchor Alisyn Camerota wondered aloud if Phillip was dealing with a mouse.

“It was a lizard climbing on me,” Phillip eventually answered as she calmed down.

The rest of the panel laughed along with Phillip as Cuomo asked whether Phillip “stomped out a lizard on live television.”

“Is that lizard OK”? Cuomo asked, prompting the CNN report to respond that she doesn’t think it’s fine.

Phillip later addressed the soon-to-be viral moment on Twitter, replying to viewers that her “nightmare just happened on live tv” and she wished she could have played it off but she was terrified.

As for the status of the lizard, CNN producer Betsy Kelin noted that it’s fine that “it slithered off unscathed.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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