Dan Bongino: Chuck Todd And Rachel Maddow ‘Aren’t Serious People’

Dan Bongino: Chuck Todd And Rachel Maddow ‘Aren’t Serious People’

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino was on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to discuss the impending release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. As usual, he fiercely defended President Donald Trump, but he also took the opportunity to trash some media figures.

After saying there was ‘Not one scintilla of evidence collusion happened,’ Bongino was asked about comments made by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, calling Attorney General William Barr shameless and saying that Barr’s actions were a form of collusion with Trump.

“We have to be FCC compliant here so I’m trying to like,  control my New York,” Bongino said. “These aren’t serious people any more. Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow – they’re not serious people. Ainsley, they missed the two biggest stories of our generation. They missed the fact that collusion was a hoax and spying was real. They got the story backwards.”

“They thought collusion was real and spying was a hoax. They missed the two biggest stories of our generation. We’re supposed to take Chuck Todd seriously? One other point on this, this is collusion? I mean, does he realize people saw that, it was on the air, that wasn’t like a blog talk radio. He did that on a major network and said that? How is that?”

“The President invoked no executive privilege whatsoever. The Barr summary, written in conjunction with Mueller, indicated no effort whatsoever to obstruct the probe and Mueller was never fired despite the hysterical rantings of people like Chuck Todd and others that he was going to fire Mueller and that the walls were closing in. And you’re still insisting there was an effort to obstruct this? I mean, are they concerned about what their grand kids are going to think about their reputations?”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.