President Trump Defends Video Mocking Joe Biden: ‘I Think People Got a Kick Out of It’

President Trump Defends Video Mocking Joe Biden: ‘I Think People Got a Kick Out of It’

President Trump weighed in on the allegations of improper physical contact against Joe Biden on Friday morning. Unsurprisingly, he does not seem to take them too seriously.

The president was leaving the White House for a trip to California to visit the southern border when he stopped to answer questions from reporters assembled on the lawn. He was asked, “What exactly is offensive about Joe Biden’s behavior, and are you the right messenger for that?”

Trump responded, “I think I’m a very good messenger, and people got a kick out of it.”

It is unclear what people “got a kick out of,” but Trump likely meant this video he tweeted on Thursday mocking Biden’s effort to address the allegations:

Trump  went on to add, “You gotta sorta smile a little bit, right?”

If there is one thing the last two years of conversations about powerful men abusing their positions of authority to engage in unwanted sexual advances or invading personal space with unwanted physical contact has taught us, it is that making light of it is not a helpful response.

Trump went on to say that he does not see a Biden candidacy as a threat to his own re-election, warn Mexico that he will slap tariffs of 25 percent on any cars they try to export to the U.S. if the country does not stop undocumented migrants from coming across the southern border, and call on Congress again to end the entire American immigration regime as we know it.

Watch Trump’s comments at the top of the post, via MSNBC.

Gary Legum

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