Fox’s Laura Ingraham and Guest Defend John Wayne Saying ‘I Believe In White Supremacy’

Fox’s Laura Ingraham and Guest Defend John Wayne Saying ‘I Believe In White Supremacy’

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham defended John Wayne’s comments on white supremacy and the recently deceased sailor from the famous ‘kiss’ photo marking the end of World War II on Wednesday night. Ingraham and her guest, Raymond Arroyo, went to bat for the late actor.

Wayne’s opinions on race were widely known, but the death of the sailor in the iconic photo re-started a discussion about the image. The woman in the photo explained some time ago that she did not know the sailor before he grabbed her and kissed her. She didn’t consider the moment romantic.

“Laura, what I don’t like about both of these stories is we’re judging the past in light of shifting moral, ethic, and cultural codes of today. We can’t do that. You just can’t,” Arroyo said.

“They’re either defacing statues or pulling them down,” Ingraham said, referring to #MeToo graffiti on a statue of the famous kiss, but this could also be a reference to the campaign to remove Confederate statues.

“And I’ve said this before, I’m going to keep saying this, this is what the Taliban does,” Ingraham said. “The Taliban used to rip down historical markers, destroy churches, ISIS did the same thing, does the same thing. They don’t want any vestige of what was even if it’s bad. They don’t want any vestige even if it’s good they don’t want it.”

“But these are two iconic images of America. John Wayne and the sailor, release, freedom. They’re impugning America,” Arroyo agreed.

Ingraham and Arroyo tried to dismiss Wayne’s comments because they were made a long time ago. However, Wayne made comments defending white supremacy in 1971 – within Ingraham’s lifetime. She was born in 1963. Wayne died in 1979.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.