Morning Joe: Trump Supporters Are In A ‘Reality Distortion Field’

Morning Joe: Trump Supporters Are In A ‘Reality Distortion Field’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough thinks President Donald Trump’s supporters need to learn how to use Google. The Morning Joe host was discussing Trump’s rally in El Paso on Sunday. The President told the crowd that he would build the wall regardless of the deal agreed in Congress. There was also a ‘Lock Her Up‘ chant.

“It’s staggering that several years into this guy’s presidency, that people are still in that reality distortion field along with the Donald Trump,” Scarborough said. “Again, I’m serious. They either know he’s lying or they’re ignorant of basic facts, again, basic facts they could discover on Google.”

Earlier in the broadcast, Scarborough said that Trump supporters needed to go home and use the ‘Googs machine’ to fact check the President.

“Lets expand it out a little bit,” Scarborough said. “The fact that the central motivating factor in Donald Trump’s presidency is building a wall in a year that border crossings are at a 50-year low, a 50-year low, and the fact he talks about crime when facts are, native born Americans are far more likely to commit crimes than immigrants or illegal immigrants coming across the border.”

“I mean, you could go down the list. Drugs. He talked about the drugs again: ‘Oh, the drugs don’t come at an illegal port of entry, they get there and they take a right and a left and then they’re in America.’ Seriously, it’s the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard in my life.”

“If somebody in seventh grade running for student council said something like this, they would be laughed off the stage,” Scarborough said. “Did you hear what he just said? First off all he said ‘I don’t care about the details because we’re going to build the wall anyway.’ And then he went on to say […] the wall’s already being built.”

“The wall’s not being built. He’s just lying through his teeth and I would love to know what motivates those people to cheer at one lie after another lie after another lie.  This is not about ideology, this is about the truth and he’s not telling it.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.