‘Awww, U Mad?’ Maddow Claps Back At WikiLeaks For Trying To Shame Her Over Power Grid Segment

‘Awww, U Mad?’ Maddow Claps Back At WikiLeaks For Trying To Shame Her Over Power Grid Segment

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow fired back at WikiLeaks on Friday after the Julian Assange-led website ridiculed the primetime progressive anchor over a widely-criticized segment in which she speculated about a Russian attack on the nation’s power grid, noting that the organization’s reaction to the report was the same as Russian propaganda outlets.

During her Wednesday night broadcast, Maddow wondered aloud about the impact of a foreign cyber-attack during the recent deep-freeze much of the country experienced during the polar vortex. Asking “what would you and your family do” if Russia “killed the power” when the temperature was negative 50 degrees, Maddow was accused by critics of stoking panic and fearmongering in an effort to push an anti-Russia narrative.

WikiLeaks, which has been at the center of the special counsel’s Russian interference investigation due to sharing hacked emails during the 2016 presidential election, joined in the criticism on Thursday, dinging Maddow for telling her audience that “Russia will freeze you and your family to death.”

The MSNBC star shot back on Friday by asking the Russia-friendly site if they were mad that she targeted the nation in her segment. “Awww, u mad?” Maddow tweeted.

She also noted that the most recent threat assessment from the Director of National Intelligence specifically warned that both China and Russia now have the ability to cut portions of America’s power supply, something she highlighted during the segment and reiterated following the initial round of criticism.

She ended her Twitter thread by sarcastically noting that “it’s so weird” that the segment set of the “alarm bells” for WikiLeaks and Russian state media.

Justin Baragona

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