Man Who Wore MAGA Hat For A Year: White Men Are The Most Hated Group In America

Man Who Wore MAGA Hat For A Year: White Men Are The Most Hated Group In America

A man who wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat for an entire year claimed in an op-ed that white men are the most hated group in the United States. Ryan Moore’s article has created significant controversy, drawing national coverage from Newsweek and an explanation from the newspaper that printed his article.

“Never have I made a hateful or racist comment toward anyone, but, almost daily, I get hateful and racist comments directed at me on Instagram and Twitter,” Moore wrote. “White men are the most hated and discriminated against group of people in the United States now. If you don’t believe that, you simply aren’t paying attention or looking at it objectively.”

“In person I have received only positive feedback other than a few dirty looks and under-the-breath mutters,” Moore explained, complaining that he has been called ‘You white’ online and experienced other forms of insults and abuse.

Moore wrote that people called him a racist for supporting President Donald Trump, but he explained that he was in no way racist.

“My great-grandparents legally immigrated to America as children. I am completely in favor of legal immigration but I am totally against illegal immigration (it’s illegal you know). The color of a person’s skin has absolutely nothing to do with immigration or the wall.”

The newspaper that published Moore’s op-ed, the Tennessean, issued another opinion piece explaining why it chose to publish the piece. Defending ‘diverse viewpoints’, the paper’s director of opinion and engagement, David Plazas, justified the decision.

“The Tennessean editorial board’s missions calls upon us to defend the First Amendment, give voice to the voiceless, stand for civility and welcome diverse viewpoints,” Plazas wrote. “We cannot accomplish this mission if we choose to practice blanket censorship of any view that might be favorable to the president.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.