Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Says Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Commercial Disrespects The Troops

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Says Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Commercial Disrespects The Troops

By now, you’ve either seen Gillette’s Super Bowl ad touching on the topic of #MeToo and toxic masculinity or you’ve seen the outrage from largely right-wing circles to the commercial. The ad, playing on the razor brand’s longtime slogan “The Best a Man Can Get,” delivers a message to men that essentially boils down to this — don’t be a jerk. That has led to cries of virtue signaling, sexism towards men, and lots of use of the word “snowflake” by men who clearly weren’t triggered.

In what may have been the most predictable cable news segment all day, Fox News’ The Five devoted an entire block to railing against the commercial for all the reasons you would think. With Fox & Friends setting the table earlier in the day by spending roughly 12 minutes and multiple segments criticizing the ad, co-host Greg Gutfeld delivered a monologue lambasting Gillette for trying to “score a few virtue points with the social justice mob.”

He went on to say the “ad sucks” and that “everybody else hates it” before colleague Dana Perino jumped in to compare this commercial with Nike’s Colin Kaepernick one. She pointed out that Nike went on to sell more shoes and that perhaps “younger men are going to like this ad.”

“I know — they are not,” he sneered. “I can guarantee you no man likes that ad.”

Perino responded that men need to “stick around and be there for their children,” arguing that would make a better ad. Meanwhile, turning to co-host Jesse Watters, Gutfeld said they didn’t address that before suggesting that the company straight up dissed the troops.

“They bashed men, men who fought wars, build bridges,” Gutfeld exclaimed. “They bashed them.”

Watters added that he doesn’t “want to feel guilty about the behavior of a few bad apples” before telling Gillette that they need to concentrate on telling customers how good their razors shave. We then got copious uses of the term “virtue signaling” from Katie Pavlich.

Anyway, while Gutfeld says a razor commercial is disrespectful to the troops, the nearly monthlong government shutdown has caused the US Coast Guard to not receive paychecks for the first time in history.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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