Morning Joe Blasts Trump’s Iraq Visit: He’s Making The World More Dangerous For Our Troops

Morning Joe Blasts Trump’s Iraq Visit: He’s Making The World More Dangerous For Our Troops

Joe Scarborough launched a blistering attack on President Donald Trump this morning. The MSNBC host strongly criticized Trump’s decision to talk about domestic politics on a trip to visit troops in Iraq, comparing him unfavorably to past presidents. The Morning Joe anchor then explained why he thinks Trump is making the world less safe for those very troops he visited, more dangerous than his habit of lying for no reason.

“More dangerous than that are his policies that will put those troops and really you and me and all Americans in greater danger,” Scarborough said. “You know, we used to fight ISIS and terrorists in Syria and other place across the globe so we wouldn’t have to fight them here at home or in those soldiers’ hometown. Donald Trump, he thinks that’s how suckers fight. He wants to fight here, I guess.”

“Donald Trump now calls Americans suckers for fighting enemies like ISIS abroad and dismantling their terror networks abroad so we don’t have to fight them in our own schools or in our own churches or at airports. Remember that? Remember airports?” Scarborough asked with an air of incredulity.

“Now, things are changing under Donald Trump. US leaders once stood up to bullying threats from tyrannical thugs from Turkey or from Russia. But now, it’s not even close. Last week, it’s sad to say, our President caved like a quivering coward to threats coming from Turkey’s thuggish leader, Erdogan. Donald Trump bailed out on our allies and he ran off his beloved Defense Secretary all in response to a threatening phone call from the leader of Turkey. Are you kidding me?”

“And this week, the President has sat silently by as Russia is now threatening the United States of America and threatening us over Saudi Arabia, ordering Donald Trump not to press the royal family there to hold their murderous Crown Prince accountable for the slaughter of a Washington Post columnist and a Virginian resident,” Scarborough said. ”

“Donald Trump attacked Barack Obama’s foreign policy approach of leading from behind for years,” he said.” But now we have a weak President who fears Russia and fears Turkey and he’s in full retreat across the globe and he has gifted, this Christmas season, the Middle East, to Russia, to Iran and to ISIS. It just seems to me that we aren’t the suckers after all, Mr. President. You are. And you’re the sucker for believing that dismantling America’s most successful military operations across the globe will do anything other than help Russia, ISIS, Iran and our other geopolitical enemies, our threats. That’s not going to make America great again. It’s actually going to make us much weaker than we’ve been at any time since World War II.”

“You know, actually, we were great long before Donald Trump entered the White House,” Scarborough recalled. “And we will be great again after he leaves Washington. Unfortunately, it’s just the intervening madness that we see every day, including yesterday where he did something right. Even in doing something right, he figures out a way to sow chaos. In so doing, that creates more crises for our troops and for our diplomats and for our allies and they’ll be forced to deal with that chaos. Until the day that Donald J. Trump exits the White House for good.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.