Fox Host: 8-Year-Old Died Because He Showed Up Sick And Border Patrol Finally Gave Him Medical Care

Fox Host: 8-Year-Old Died Because He Showed Up Sick And Border Patrol Finally Gave Him Medical Care

It was reported on Christmas Day that an eight-year-old Guatemalan boy had died in Border Patrol custody just weeks after seven-year-old Jakelin Call Maquin passed away two days after being taken into custody by CBP agents. While facts are still being gathered in both cases, Fox News’ Katie Pavlich knows how this happened — sick kids showing up at the border and getting health care for the first time.

With a panel discussion on today’s The Five centered on the government shutdown over President Donald Trump’s demand for border wall funding, Democratic pollster Doug Schoen said he really wished Democrats and Republicans could agree on comprehensive immigration reform that would include DACA protections and border security. Pavlich, however, said that was “too big of a project” to take on now because we “have a serious crisis at the border at this point in time.”

The Fox News contributor went on to state that the president was correct to claim that walls stop the flow of illegal immigration.

“If you look at the criminal element that is bringing these children and people up through Mexico and using them as human shields to get into the country, you have to take a look at the real issue of the lob being changed there,” Pavlich asserted. “I’ve always said that open borders are inhumane borders.”

The conservative commentator then brought up the death of Felipe Alonzo-Gomez, who died nearly a week after being apprehended along with his father at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“That’s not a result of Border Patrol,” she declared. “That’s a result of a sick kid showing up at the border and the United States giving them care that they have not seen for 2,000 miles along their journey.”

She added, “It complicates things enormously when you throw in comprehensive immigration reform when the president is trying to solve a problem that is an emergency right now.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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