Watch: Trevor Noah Wonders If Stephen Miller’s Hair Immigrated From His Head

Watch: Trevor Noah Wonders If Stephen Miller’s Hair Immigrated From His Head

Daily Show host Trevor Noah piled on to Stephen Miller and his changing hairline last night in a lighthearted segment. Miller, who is a White House senior adviser, was widely mocked for his apparently moving hairline and Noah wanted to offer his opinion.

“Did you guys catch that?” Noah asked. “Not the stuff about the southern border, I’m talking about the new border, up here. What’s going on over there? Huh? A bit of a migration happening.”

“All weekend, people were wondering what the hell happened with Stephen Miller’s hair,” Noah said. “And I get why. It’s like someone said, ‘Who here hates immigrants?’ and his hair was like, ‘This guy!'”

Miller’s hairline appeared to be sprayed on in a photo Noah showed, side by side with a picture of Miller looking as he normally does, receding hairline and all.

“Like, seriously, it barely even looks like hair,” Noah said. “Who let him leave the house like that? It looks like he got head-butted by Steven Seagal and it stuck.”

“You know what’s crazy about this whole situation is that Trump hates it when his people look bad on TV,” Noah said. “He hates it when people look weird, when they look stupid, when they get mocked, which means this might be only thing that could get Patch Adams over here fired.”

Noah is correct. Trump has previously expressed strong opinions about how people in the White House look, reportedly rejecting John Bolton for Secretary of State because he has a mustache.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.