Trump’s Former Lawyer Michael Cohen Will Be Sentenced Today

Trump’s Former Lawyer Michael Cohen Will Be Sentenced Today

President Trump’s former lawyer and ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen is due to be sentenced in Manhattan Criminal Court today. Cohen pleaded guilty to nine counts, including making false statements to protect the President. Cohen is accused of tax evasion, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress.

Cohen is likely to receive a lengthy prison term despite his co-operation with Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia. While former campaign advisor Michael Flynn may not receive a custodial sentence, Cohen is expected to serve jail time. Cohen is facing substantial prison time.

Cohen was Trump’s long-time lawyer and was responsible for directing illegal payments to women Trump had affairs with. Cohen’s sentencing memo claimed that Individual-1 directed Cohen to commit this campaign finance violation. Individual-1 is understood to be Donald Trump.

Trump and his allies have dismissed Cohen as a liar who is telling the Mueller whatever he wants to hear in order to get a lighter sentence. Today should put an end to that argument as Cohen will very likely receive a prison sentence. President Trump has yet to react to the possibility of his sentencing.

Cohen also pleaded guilty to lying to Congress in order to protect Trump, another serious charge that also implicates Trump. Cohen was asked by Trump’s potential investments in Moscow, which recent reports suggest involved the Russian government and a sanctioned Russian bank.

Despite his impending sentence, Cohen is still co-operating with investigators and the Mueller probe is ongoing. Cohen may also be called to testify before Congress once the Democrats take control of the House in January. He may be required to appear even if he is in prison.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.