Donald Trump’s Children Could Be In Legal Jeopardy Too

The Trump family could be widely implicated in the President's potential crimes

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is now co-operating with the authorities and court filings show that Trump directed Cohen to commit a crime during the 2016 election. This puts Trump is legal jeopardy, but his children could also be in trouble.

As Trump’s long-time lawyer and ‘fixer’, Cohen is said to know everything about Trump’s legal and business dealings. This is a potentially dangerous situation for the Trump family, as author Michael D’Antonio pointed out on CNN last night.

“They’re talking a lot,” D’Antonio told Don Lemon. “And this is why I think we saw reporting today that the president is incredibly upset — worse than he’s ever been.”

D’Antonio wrote The Trump About Trump in 2016 and has won a Pulitzer Prize. He is not the only commentator to suggest that Cohen’s co-operation could have serious consequences for Trump’s business empire.

“And this is why I think we saw reporting today that the president is incredibly upset — worse than he’s ever been,” D’Antonio said. “He doesn’t want to win by the regular rules, he wants to win by deceiving you.”

“This is the thing, this is a family business,” he said, reminding viewers of a fact that is sometimes forgotten: Trump has never been responsible to shareholders or a board. He has always been able to run his businesses the way he wants to.

“People are mistaken if they imagine this is a big enterprise with thousands of employees,” D’Antonio said. “When the president talks about that, he’s talking about everyone from the porters in front of the hotel sweeping up cigarette butts to the chief executive’s offices at these properties.”

“In Trump Tower, precious few people — maybe a few dozen — the children knew everything because he was preparing them to take over.”

Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are said to be closely involved in running Trump’s businesses, along with his sons Eric and Don Jr. His younger daughter, Tiffany, is not widely believed to have any responsibilities, while his youngest son Barron is too young to involved.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.