Grifter Showdown: Tomi Lahren And Candace Owens Go At It After Kanye Disses Blexit

The two millennial conservative celebs sniped at each other on Twitter following Kanye publicly criticizing Owens for tying him to her latest scheme.

We have a full-on grifter face-off!

After rap superstar Kanye West ethered Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens for tying him to Blexit — her movement to convince African-Americans to separate from the Democratic Party — Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren decided to rub some salt in the wounds of the frequent Fox News guest.

Claiming she “called it,” Lahren subtweeted Owens and wondered if she was “gonna turn” on West while stating that the “ship was doomed to sink from the start but hunger for fame & money was placed over the movement.”

“You made your bed, now lie in it,” the ex-TheBlaze host added.

It wouldn’t be until the following day that Owens would respond — she was mourning, after all — but when she did, she came back by calling Lahren the irrelevant one.

“I think I can speak on behalf of people on both sides of the political aisle and say we are sorry about your failed career,” she tweeted. “The desperation to be relevant again by constantly subbing me and/or attacking @kathygriffin weekly—doesn’t bode well for any movement.”

“Grow up,” she concluded.

And they weren’t done! Candace claimed she had receipts and could release some nasty messages Lahren sent while Lahren tried to claim she wasn’t talking about Owens initially.

Meanwhile, observers remarked that we were watching a fight in which there was no one to root for:


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