‘Well Said’: MSNBC Host Applauds Andy Card For Saying Now’s ‘Not The Time’ To Discuss Gun Control

‘Well Said’: MSNBC Host Applauds Andy Card For Saying Now’s ‘Not The Time’ To Discuss Gun Control

After President Donald Trump was asked by reporters if he would revisit gun laws following a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue by an avowed anti-Semite, former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card said the question wasn’t appropriate at this time and that we shouldn’t be having this debate.

And an MSNBC host praised him for his remarks.

Appearing on the one-time ‘Lean Forward’ network this afternoon, the ex-Bush administration official was asked by Alex Witt to respond to Trump’s call for armed guards at places of worship to stop shootings. Card noted that he did not have the “right answer” before bringing up rhetoric and insightful language.

“I want people to be careful with rhetoric they choose, especially our elected officials,” he said. “Not just the president, but other elected officials as well, both parties. It is important for us to have language today that is respectful that causes people to participate in our democracy in a good, clean way.”

He went on to state that he hopes the president is “one of those calming voices” but that it needs to be echoed “on both sides of the aisle on the political spectrum.” An impressed Witt told Card, “Well said.”

The MSNBC anchor wanted to know if Card would have advised the president to make a more definitive statement on the shooting rather than wing it with reporters as he boarded a plane for a rally. Card noted that he would have suggested more “calming language” and “empathy” before chastising the press for asking about gun laws.

“I thought the question from a reporter talking about gun control was not very appropriate at this time,” the prominent Republican charged. “That’s not the time to have that debate. And certainly, you wouldn’t be able to solve that problem overnight anyway.”

He continued, “This is a time for reflection, for telling people that we will stand together and let’s show a little bit more love and compassion and try to help everybody out.”

“Andy Card, again, well said sir,” Witt replied, applauding the former Bush official for saying we should only be offering thoughts and prayers right now.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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