Geraldo Rivera Confronts Hannity On Migrant Caravan: ‘Are You Gonna Shoot ‘Em, Sean?’

Geraldo Rivera Confronts Hannity On Migrant Caravan: ‘Are You Gonna Shoot ‘Em, Sean?’

On Monday evening, President Donald Trump told USA Today that he as going to send as many troops as possible to the U.S.-Mexico border in order to stop the growing Central American migrant caravan making its way north. He also repeated his earlier baseless claims that the caravan was full of “people from the Middle East,” implying that the migrants had been infiltrated by Islamic terrorists.

Following Trump’s Texas campaign rally that was carried live by Fox News, reversing a recent trend, things got a bit heated between a trio of Fox News personalities who also are all friends and allies of the president. During Sean Hannity’s broadcast, Geraldo Rivera attempted to make the case that the caravan of asylum-seeking refugees isn’t full of MS-13 gangsters and ISIS terrorists despite what the president is claiming. He also said it was impossible to speak rationally on the issue because it is couched within a white-hot midterm election season.

This did not go well for Geraldo, and a frustrated Rivera eventually asked Hannity if he wanted to shoot the migrants.

As Rivera said that this was really about thousands of people looking to improve their lives, Hannity asserted that they aren’t going to be let into the country because we have border and sovereignty issues. This caused Geraldo to snap.

“What are you gonna shoot ’em, Sean?!” Rivera exclaimed. “What are you gonna shoot ’em? What are you gonna do with the Army there? Bayonet them? What are you gonna do?!”

“No,” an obviously taken aback Hannity replied. “They need to be stopped in Mexico. Are you going to just say come on in and never vet them?”

Gorka took that at his opportunity to get in on the action, telling Geraldo that “this is really beneath you.” An intense Rivera yelled back: “Don’t give me that beneath me stuff — don’t give me that crap!”

The one-time presidential aide then tried to calm Rivera down by giving him some ‘facts’ by citing Fox News contributor Sara Carter as proof that MS-13 was part of the caravan before parroting Judicial Watch and other fringe right outlets on the ISIS/Guatemala theories.

Meanwhile, Fox’s Shep Smith reported earlier in the day that the network’s news division “knows of no evidence to suggest the president is accurate” on his claims that “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners” are mixed into the caravan.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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