Thousands Of Locals Object To Donald Trump’s New Development In Scotland

Thousands Of Locals Object To Donald Trump’s New Development In Scotland

Local residents in Aberdeen, Scotland have strongly objected to the Trump Organization’s plans to build a new housing estate near the President’s golf course. The plans would see 550 homes and golfers’ chalets built near the village of Balmedie, where many residents have critcized the plan.

More than 3,000 formal objections have been made to Aberdeenshire Council. The council will decide whether to take the complaints seriously and how they will affect the proposed development. There is also an online petition objecting to the plan that has garnered 19,000 signatures.

Residents say the development would breach the local development plan and cause increased traffic on local roads. Government planning inspectors have also demanded that President Donald Trump pays for a new school as part of the development, as well as community facilities and upgrades to the sewerage system. These facilities are common in new housing estates of this size.

The local community was previously supportive of Trump’s investments in the region. In 2007, they supported a plan to build a resort with a 450-bed hotel. This would have cost around £990 million. However, attitudes in the community have changed in the intervening years.

“In 2007, association with Mr Trump’s celebrity status and the perceived popularity of his resort proposal were seen as powerful political arguments for overturning planning policy and granting planning permission,” local Councillor Martin Ford told the Guardian newspaper.

“Now Mr Trump has the reputation of an international pariah, and his proposed housing scheme is evidently unpopular – hardly reasons to extend special treatment to his planning application this time,” Ford said.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.