I Agree, Mr. President, It Is ‘A Very Scary Time For Young Men In America’

I Agree, Mr. President, It Is ‘A Very Scary Time For Young Men In America’

Brett Kavanaugh is now the 114th Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America. Despite the outright pleas of women who were victims of sexual abuse and assault, the appointment of power was more persuasive. In the outright row which proceeded this appointment in the United States Senate, President Trump offered his true thoughts on this matter. When asked about the accusations of sexual assault for against, then Judge Kavanaugh, he said this:

“It is a very scary time for young men in America, where you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of.”

This from the same individual whom said he was willing to hear Dr. Ford in the fullness of her testimony. Yet, the same man said this in October 2016:

“And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” 

Indeed, it is a most dangerous time to be a young man in America. When your darkest impulses are unchecked. Where accountability is a myth if you wield power and money. It indeed must be scary to be a young man denied entire personhood because it’s only determined by your sexual conquests. It must be scary to know you are in the company of other men, whom you know are capable of this vicious behavior. Or even may have committed such behavior, and unsure if you speak out if you will be believed. Or ostracized.

It must be a dangerous time in America to be male with female children. Aware there are men in the world you cannot protect them from. Yet, you may try to warn or arm them against. It should give one pause to know you are seeing the wolves stalk lambs. Now, that stalking is from the highest court in the country if Dr. Blasey Ford is to be believed.

It must be dangerous to value station and privilege over the support of your daughter. Or in the case of the father of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, offer a short statement of support over the phone. It must be dangerous to realize you may be within six degrees of separation of a Brett Kavanaugh and similar alleged actions. If must be dangerous to know the chatter you may hear at work, or the dirty joke you may hear is more truth than bluster.

It must be frightening to realize the men you know may be the very men you warn your wives, girlfriends, or daughters about.

This must be discouraging and shake the core of young men in America. With the current society built to benefit all that is male; meant to consolidate power for those who are male; looking favorably on those who align to desire power above justice; desiring to make women a convenient extension of that power. How can that not be dangerous?

Toxic masculinity, the insidious nature of it, tells men their own feelings are invalid. They are told:  they must be strong,  be self-reliant,  and devoted to work to be good providers. This also means the only way they can express themselves is through sex, violence, sports, and work. It is dangerous to tell a young man he cannot emote, cannot feel, as he will risk tender manhood by crying!

I offer my acknowledgment of this iota of presidential wisdom. It is a dangerous time to be a young man in this country. When these people, whom are hurt or hurting, are granted power, there will only be more hurt people with actions or inactions as a result of such power.

There can be nothing acknowledged or rectified without accountability, tempered with responsibility. It is dangerous for those in power to protect those who desire power more than they do justice, fairness and the desire for right. It is dangerous of powerful men to cover monstrous natures of ambitious men with the tools given by authority.

If it’s a very scary time to be a young man, can you fathom what it is like to be a young woman?

Jennifer P. Harris

Jennifer P. Harris

Jennifer P. Harris is a lifelong St. Louis, Missouri resident, married mother of two, and founder of the blog The Ideal Firestarter (http://theidealfirestarter.com) since December 2016. She is a freelance writer, and contributor to the blog Write To Life. She is an independent author of several books available on Amazon, including the poetry series Love Songs Of the Unrequited, and her newest release, Writelife.