Lindsey Graham: ‘Devil’s Triangle Is Not What People Have Said On The Internet…It’s A Drinking Game’

Lindsey Graham: ‘Devil’s Triangle Is Not What People Have Said On The Internet…It’s A Drinking Game’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) continues to act as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s publicist and top advocate.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, the Republican lawmaker repeatedly asserted that Kavanaugh could not be a “stumbling bumbling drunk” and a “serial rapist” when he was younger due to his professional accomplishments. During his impassioned defense of Kavanaugh’s character, Graham curiously decided to back one of the judge’s more questionable claims.

“The devil’s triangle is not what people have said on the internet,” Graham declared to host George Stephanopoulos as he insisted Kavanaugh was completely innocent of everything. “It is a drinking game.”

As you’ll recall, Kavanaugh was questioned about his high school yearbook entry that mentioned “Devil’s Triangle,” a term that has largely been associated with a threesome. According to Kavanaugh, however, it was a variation of the drinking game quarters.

There was only one problem with Kavanaugh’s explanation — there was no online mention of “devil’s triangle” being a drinking game, quarters or otherwise. Obviously sensing this, someone from Congress went to Wikipedia and anonymously edited the entry for the term, updating it to include “a popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”

One has to wonder why Graham would even go down this road, considering he’s trying to portray Kavanaugh as someone who’s never been a “stumbling bumbling drunk.” Why double down on this specious claim, especially when if you buy Kavanaugh’s specious claim it only serves to further paint him as a heavy drinker?

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

Justin Baragona

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