WATCH: Trump Tells Hurricane Florence Victims To ‘Have A Good Time’

WATCH: Trump Tells Hurricane Florence Victims To ‘Have A Good Time’

Well, at least he wasn’t lobbing paper towels at them this time around.

Handing out packaged meals to survivors of Hurricane Florence at a New Bern, North Carolina church, President Donald Trump told at least one victim to “have a good time,” once again highlighting the president’s seeming inability to play the role of “Consoler-in-Chief.”

As a car that was waiting for roughly an hour pulled up to receive the meals, Trump handed a couple of styrofoam containers to the driver.

“Got it?” Trump asked the person, telling the driver to “have a good time” as the car drove off. During the MSNBC broadcast, one could overhear host Stephanie Ruhle ask if the president actually said that to a storm survivor.

This is part of a pattern of behavior for the president when it comes to natural disasters. During his visit to Puerto Rico last year following Hurricane Maria, the president infamously tossed paper towel rolls into a crowd as if he were shooting basketballs. After Hurricane Harvey, he also told those victims to “have a good time” while bragging about how his administration was responding to the storm.

While meeting with officials and speaking to folks on the ground, the president had some other Trumpian moments. At one point, he asked how Lake Norman was doing. While stating that he loves that area but “can’t tell you why,” it just so happens that there’s a Trump-branded golf club there.

He also told one homeowner that he should consider himself lucky that a large yacht was wedged against his house because he “got a nice boat out of the deal.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

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