Trish Regan Moving To Primetime As Fox Business Revamps Lineup

Trish Regan Moving To Primetime As Fox Business Revamps Lineup

Fox Business announced today that they will be unveiling a new primetime lineup un October 15th that will feature host Trish Regan making the move from early afternoon to 8 PM.

Regan, who currently hosts The Intelligence Report that airs on Fox Business at 2 PM, will headline Trish Regan Primetime next month, replacing Kennedy. Meanwhile, Kennedy host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery will move to 9 PM and host Kennedy Live.

Per Fox Business, Regan’s program will feature her expanding “upon the leading headlines of the day and their economic impact on the country.” The program will also feature experts and business leaders joining Regan to discuss Washington’s impact on the economy and stock market.

“As we mark our 11th year on the air and continued dominance over rival CNBC during Business Day, we are excited to extend our live programming through 10PM, ensuring all of our viewers get the most robust and comprehensive look at how the political economy affects their everyday lives,” Fox Business president Brian Jones said in announcing the moves.

“The intersection of policy and Wall Street has never been so strong, and I’m excited for the opportunity to create a new program that solely focuses on the political economy and what it means to so many Americans,” Regan noted. “It is an honor to get to continue working alongside the best lineup in business television.”

Besides the primetime shifts, FBN will also be moving Charles Payne’s Making Money from 6 PM to 2 PM, bringing back Bulls and Bears with David Asman to air at 5 PM, and debuting The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald at 6 PM. Connell McShane will replace Asman as Melissa Francis’s co-host of 4 PM’s After the Bell.

Justin Baragona

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