CNN’s Brooke Baldwin To Trump: ‘Refer To Her By Her Name…She Is Christine Blasey Ford’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin To Trump: ‘Refer To Her By Her Name…She Is Christine Blasey Ford’

During today’s joint press conference with Poland President Andrzej Duda, President Donald Trump was asked about the sexual assault allegations made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by professor Christine Blasey Ford. While speaking at length about how he felt “terribly” for Kavanaugh for having to go through this, he never referenced Ford by name. Instead, he simply called her the “accuser” or the “woman.”

This didn’t sit well with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin at all.

At the end of the presser, Baldwin had a message for the president — speak Dr. Ford’s name.

“Here’s my two cents,” Baldwin stated. “Mr. President, refer to her by her name. She was anonymous — she no longer is.”

She continued, “Whether you believe her story or not, ‘the woman’ as you just referred to her, she is no longer the accuser. She is Christine Blasey Ford.”

The CNN host then addressed her panel, pointing out to political reporter Gloria Borger that while Trump is claiming we should hear Ford out he doesn’t appear to have a lot of compassion for the victim.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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