Dan Bongino: Why Were Puerto Rico Death Toll Numbers Released As Hurricane Florence Approached?

Dan Bongino: Why Were Puerto Rico Death Toll Numbers Released As Hurricane Florence Approached?

On a night when the president was binge-watching Fox programming and tweeting out loyalists who defended his disgraceful conspiracy about Puerto Rico’s death toll, NRATV host and human No Fear shirt Dan Bongino went all-in by claiming the results from a months-long study into the deadliness of Hurricane Maria was perfectly timed to coincide with another natural disaster.

During Friday’s broadcast of Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs — who has been Trump’s biggest champion in the wake of Trump’s conspiracy-peddling — complained that the liberal media and leftists in government were “preparing their attacks for President Trump and his government.”

Bongino, a man who makes near-daily Fox appearances despite having no official role with the network, immediately unleashed a fact-free rant that made it apparent he had no earthly idea what he was talking about. But he blasted liberals, Dems and the mainstream media, so that’s all that mattered.

“This is a new low,” the three-time failed political candidate exclaimed. “Just when you think you have reached a bedrock of lows in politics we crack through the bedrock and move toward the core of the depravity Earth of– I mean, we are politicizing storm events now?! This is so disturbing. And Lou, I have to tell you, I was glad to see you push back.”

“But, why was this information being released right before a hurricane made landfall in the Carolinas with a study that used a computer simulation and we’ve never seen this before on a mass scale this posting of fatalities after a hurricane,” he continued, obviously unaware that the GWU study that Puerto Rico accepted as the official fatality total was released last month. “You have to ask yourself why was this being done?”

The conservative pundit would go on a bit more, apologizing to Dobbs for being “so fired up” while saying he doesn’t blame Trump one bit for fighting back.

So, just to recap — Bongino feels that it is absolutely fair for the president to publicly dispute the number of fatalities from Hurricane Maria because it is apparent that this is all a political conspiracy that is using another hurricane for maximum impact. All despite the fact that the results came out nearly three weeks ago. Got it.

Anyway, pretty sure we’ll see this perfect bit of MAGA commentary make its way into the president’s Twitter feed.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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