Fox Hosts Blast Trump For ‘Distasteful’ Puerto Rico Tweets: ‘It Cheapens Us As A Country’

Fox Hosts Blast Trump For ‘Distasteful’ Puerto Rico Tweets: ‘It Cheapens Us As A Country’

With evacuations in place as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolina coastline, President Donald Trump decided this morning was a good time to baselessly peddle conspiracies that the Democrats were faking the Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico to make him look bad.

Predictably and understandably, the president received widespread negative media coverage for going full InfoWars while minimizing thousands of American deaths. And the critical coverage wasn’t just on CNN and MSNBC.

During a roundtable discussion on Fox News panel show Outnumbered, the co-hosts and #OneLuckyGuy Steve Hilton slammed POTUS for his tone-deaf and offensive tweets. Melissa Francis got things going by saying it was “incredibly distasteful” while questioning why the “president weighed in on this one.”

After Hilton said the “word that came to my mind was complete the unseemly,” anchor Harris Faulkner sounded off, stating that it “cheapens us as a country” while saying America is typically “so heart-filled when it comes to rescues like this.”

Later on, Francis would agree with Hilton that she understood “the president’s frustration” with the politicization of the issue because POTUS “worked very hard to help Purto Rico” and the effort was “herculean,” but to “take up on the issue of how many people are dead is so disgusting.”

Towards the end of the discussion, Francis wondered aloud why we couldn’t put “politics to the side right now in the face of the storm,” causing Leslie Marshal to note that “we should, but the president didn’t and hasn’t.”

“You can never, left or right, no matter what office you are in, try and turn disaster into political victory,” she added.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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