CNN’s Kirsten Powers: ‘Over At Fox News Puerto Rico Never Happened,’ It’s An ‘Alternative Universe’

CNN’s Kirsten Powers: ‘Over At Fox News Puerto Rico Never Happened,’ It’s An ‘Alternative Universe’

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s unhinged tweets claiming the Puerto Rico death toll is phony and part of a Democratic conspiracy to make him look bad, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers said that the president’s only focus was his base. And his base only listens to him, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News — all which exist in an “alternative universe.”

During a panel discussion on CNN’s The Lead this afternoon, anchor Jake Tapper wanted to remind his audience that Trump has regularly told his supporters to not “believe the crap you see from” the media and to only “stick” with what he tells them.

“Here’s the thing,” Tapper noted. “Because he’s attacking this number, now we’re talking about the death toll in Puerto Rico, and that death toll is higher than Hurricane Katrina.”

He continued, “So he can say whatever he wants to say and his base will believe whatever they want to believe, but at the end of the day the people watching the show right now will hear for the second time the death toll from Hurricane Maria during President Trump’s reign was higher than death toll from Hurricane Katrina during President Bush’s reign.”

Powers jumped in to explain that the only thing that Trump seems to care about is his base and what they think about him.

“And he knows that his base is not watching us right now,” the former Fox News contributor said. “They are watching Fox News, and over at Fox News Puerto Rico never happened. I mean, it’s an alternative universe, so they are never going to hear about this.”

Claiming MAGA voters only get their information from Trump tweets, Fox and Rush — “that’s literally it,” she said — Powers observed that this “alternative reality” may end up being a problem for the president electorally as “there are other people that vote beyond his base.”

It should be noted that while Fox News didn’t cover Trump’s conspiratorial tweets as much as CNN or MSNBC today, the panel on Outnumbered did cover the topic and roundly blasted the president for his “disgusting” comments.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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