Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Encourages Trump To Expand White House Roles Of His Family After NYT Op-Ed

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Encourages Trump To Expand White House Roles Of His Family After NYT Op-Ed

In the wake of the explosive New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior Trump administration official that describes the “resistance” in the White House, the Fox & Friends crew railed against the author of the piece while speculating on the possible culprit. Their discussion on the op-ed eventually led co-host Brian Kilmeade to toss out an idea to the president, who was likely watching.

Stating that he feels the president has to “understand he’s got to trust the people he’s with,” Kilmeade told his colleagues Trump needs to expand the White House roles of Javanka while bringing other family members into the administration.

“I would sit Ivanka [Trump], and Jared [Kushner], or Lara [Trump], or Eric [Trump], and I would have them in on every high-level meeting,” Kilmeade declared while acknowledging you still need folks from Treasury and State in those meetings.

He continued, “You have them there on a regular basis because you need somebody with you that you trust, that could be there as a buffer, that understands you, because this president is different. He’s unique, he’s an anomaly as a businessperson, as a personality, and as a president. He went for one office, and he won it, the most powerful one in the world. Nobody else could have done that. Having said that, he is a little different.”

Kilmeade would end his solution to POTUS by stating that there are people that just can’t get along with Trump and, therefore, “the president needs his family around him.” Meanwhile, Trump has told friends that “he could only trust his children” following the publication of the op-ed.

So Kilmeade wants Trump to go full banana republic. What could go wrong?

Watch the clip below, via Media Matters.

Justin Baragona

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