Former Aides Say Trump Doesn’t Use Facebook Or Google, Attacks Them Anyway

The President is reportedly uncomfortable using computers
Image: Wikimedia Commons

President Donald Trump doesn’t use the websites he so frequently criticises, according to a new report from USA TODAY. Former White House aides told the newspaper that Trump doesn’t use sites like Google and Facebook, though Twitter is his primary means of communication with the public.

“[T]hree former aides interviewed by USA TODAY described Trump as averse to email, rarely interested in surfing the web and more comfortable with paper than a computer screen,” the report said.

The anonymous sources reportedly include some people who have worked with Trump for several years and who are familiar with his habits.

“Former aides described Trump as being not significantly different than CEOs at large companies – able to use computers and other technology but more comfortable allowing others to do that work for him,” USA TODAY  reported.

The article also claimed that aides print out online documents for Trump to read and the extent of his online interactions involve Twitter links.

Trump has criticized Google for bias in its news results, though experts have pointed out that Google’s algorithm is not politically biased. It is likely Trump picked up this line from an article on a right-wing site. It has no foundation. It now appears the President doesn’t use the websites he has attacked.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.