Salena Zito Not Asked About Allegations Surrounding Her Reporting During CNN Appearance

Salena Zito Not Asked About Allegations Surrounding Her Reporting During CNN Appearance

A day after being asked about allegations and criticism surrounding her reporting during an appearance on CBS News’ Face the Nation, Washington Examiner political reporter and New York Post columnist Salena Zito was not confronted about the accusations while appearing on CNN. Notably, Zito is also a CNN contributor.

To recap, Zito has found herself mired in a controversy after numerous examples of supposedly shoddy reporting and fabulism were posted online last month. The issue really came to a head after an anonymous Twitter account posted a lengthy thread highlighting numerous instances of Zito portraying elected Republican officials as swing/Dem voters in her recent book, The Great Revolt. The Trump whisperer would go on to defend her reporting to both Contemptor and HuffPost, with HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg doing an extensive deep-dive into some of the accusations and Zito’s explanations.

In the aftermath of Feinberg’s piece, which pushed the issue into the mainstream conversation, Zito told Face the Nation that her editors and outlets have reviewed her reporting and “stand behind my work and so do I.” She also said that she’d be further addressing the controversy in the coming days.

Meanwhile, we have reached out to Zito’s editors at the Examiner and Post several times to see if they are looking into her work and if they stand by it. We have also presented several examples of potentially questionable sourcing and asked if they will review those articles but have received nothing so far.

Appearing in a CNN segment Monday morning on Joe Biden’s potential 2020 presidential run and President Trump’s impact on midterm races, Zito was not asked by anchor Ryan Nobles about the allegations during her six minutes on air. This was Zito’s first CNN appearance since the accusations blew up. (A transcript review shows her last time on CNN airwaves was August 21.)

We reached out to CNN to see if the network would be looking into the allegations surrounding their contributor and if they will continue to use her for on-air appearances in the midst of the accusations.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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