Salena Zito On Criticism Of Her Reporting: My Editors ‘Stand Behind My Work And So Do I’

Salena Zito On Criticism Of Her Reporting: My Editors ‘Stand Behind My Work And So Do I’

Days after speaking to Contemptor and Huffington Post about the allegations of mischaracterization and fabrication that had been raised online, New York Post columnist and Washington Examiner reporter Salena Zito publicly addressed the criticism of her work and claimed that her outlets stand behind her.

Towards the end of a roundtable discussion on CBS News’ Face the Nation, anchor Margaret Brennan confronted Zito with the controversy swirling around her.

“Huffington Post coming out with an article specifically about you saying you didn’t identify a Republican in a story specifically as Republican official,” Brennan stated. “And called into question a lot of your work. I’d like to give you the opportunity to respond to that.”

Zito noted that this has “been an interesting week for me” before blaming it all on a “series of tweets by an anonymous troll,” a point she made in conversations and emails to this author and HuffPost’s Ashley Feinberg.

“I addressed the questions that were asked to Ashley and also I put my own personal tweet out there addressing each issue that this anonymous person did,” she added, stammering a bit. “My editors reviewed everything that I work for — and all the places, news organizations I work for — and they stand behind my work and so do I.”

Brennan noted that Zito had also told her that she will be addressing some more of this in the coming days. The Face the Nation host then pivoted to Zito’s charge that Facebook censored her by removing one of her columns as spam, something Zito has claimed to be proof that the social media company is unfairly targeting conservatives because the New York Post is considered a right-leaning publication.

We have reached out to Zito’s editors at the Post and Examiner several times for comment, asking them if they could review specific questionable articles and advise whether they stand by the reporting, but they have not gotten back to us with any answers.

Watch the clip above, via CBS News.

Justin Baragona

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