CNN’s Ken Cuccinelli Goes After Meghan McCain For ‘Lobbing Political Hand Grenades’ At Father’s Funeral

CNN’s Ken Cuccinelli Goes After Meghan McCain For ‘Lobbing Political Hand Grenades’ At Father’s Funeral

Much of MAGA World were beside themselves over the Washington memorial service of Sen. John McCain. With two former presidents eulogizing the Republican icon while President Donald Trump was left uninvited, snide tweets and pissy comments were all the rage for MAGAts such as Seb Gorka, Katrina Pierson, and the Pizzagate dudes. They were especially upset over Meghan McCain’s obvious criticism of Trump during her eulogy as she said: “the America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

While the Gorkas and the Lahrens of the world did their best to take the prize for Most Distasteful Tweet, no one was ever going to catch up to CNN political commentator Ken Cuccinelli.

In response to a tweet quoting The View host honoring her father while taking a veiled shot at Trump, the former Virginia attorney general decided to go after the grieving daughter.

“It’s too bad she can’t participate in a funeral instead of lobbing political hand grenades,” he wrote.


It didn’t take long for folks on Twitter to take Cuccinelli to task over his tasteless tweet.

Earlier this week, Cuccinelli complained about the media’s criticism of Trump’s initial reaction to McCain’s death, asking “what’s enough” attention or adulation that needs to be paid to the fallen senator.

We reached out to CNN for comment on Cuccinelli’s tweet about Meghan McCain and will update if we hear back.

Justin Baragona

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