Democratic Leadership Tells Midterm Candidates: Don’t Talk About Impeachment

Democratic Leadership Tells Midterm Candidates: Don’t Talk About Impeachment

The Democratic Congressional leadership has advised its midterm candidates not to talk about impeachment of President Donald Trump. Despite the recent revelations about Trump’s alleged involvement in campaign finance violations and calls from some commentators for impeachment, the Democrats don’t think it’s a winning a strategy.

House Minority Leader held a conference call with Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday where she advised them not to talk about impeaching Trump. The leadership wants its representatives and candidates to focus on corruption in the administration and the GOP Congress’ apathy, rather than removing Trump.

While many polls suggest a ‘blue wave’, the Democrats are cautious about their advantage. It will be difficult to win the House from the Republicans, who have successfully engaged in gerrymandering in many districts. Voter suppression also remains a concern. But President Trump’s behavior, and the behavior of those close to him, seems to have moved the needle of public opinion toward the Democratic Party.

It appears the party is worried about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by pushing too hard against Trump. Talk of impeachment might mobilise wavering Republican voters, many who may be dissatisfied with Trump and the GOP’s response to him. The Democrats want to win as many votes as possible without positioning themselves as pro-impeachment.

But even if the Democrats win in November, they will be faced with further problems. The GOP may retain Senate, which could effectively make impeachment impossible. Meanwhile, a growing number of Democratic candidates have refused to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. There have been calls for the leadership to step aside for a new generation. The current party leadership is composed of veteran politicians approaching 80-years-old. There is a risk that Democrats will blow their chances at defeating Trump if they engage internal battles.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.