Ann Coulter Dismisses Russia Hacking DNC During Election: ‘If They Did It, Who Cares?’

Ann Coulter Dismisses Russia Hacking DNC During Election: ‘If They Did It, Who Cares?’

Appearing on Breitbart News Daily Tuesday morning to promote her latest effort to bilk money out of Fox News viewers and Limbaugh listeners, right-wing provocateur and on-again/off-again Trump loyalist Ann Coulter rejected the view that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee during the election. But, at the same time, she didn’t think it would be worth any concern if they did.

Speaking to Breitbart’s Alex Marlow, Coulter complained that Democrats were attempting to “nag us to death until we all agree that Russia hacked the DNC.” It should be noted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already indicted twelve Russian intelligence officers for engaging “in a sustained effort” to penetrate and hack the servers and email accounts of the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“There’s no evidence they did it,” she exclaimed. “If they did it, who cares? If they did it, they certainly didn’t do it to help Trump. I mean, it’s preposterous.”

Meanwhile, Marlow told Coulter he liked her “who cares” question before declaring that this is something Russia has always done. He went on to bring up the recent news that Russia was caught hacking conservative think tanks, obviously implying that the Russians weren’t interested in helping Trump or taking sides. Marlow just so happened to fail to mention that the recent Russian hacking efforts were against conservative organizations that have been critical of both Russia and the president. This has all occurred as vulnerable Democratic senators have been targeted by these Russian hacking campaigns.

Marlow would go on to insert some whataboutism into the conversation by noting other countries have also interfered in America’s elections while pointing out “we do it all day long to other countries.”

Listen to the segment below, via Right Wing Watch.

Justin Baragona

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