Trump Tells Troops He’s ‘So Proud’ Of Himself For Not Calling Reporters The ‘Fake News Media’

Trump Tells Troops He’s ‘So Proud’ Of Himself For Not Calling Reporters The ‘Fake News Media’

President Donald Trump ended his summer golf vacation by traveling to Fort Drum to deliver a speech and sign the National Defense Authorization Act. And what Trump speech would be complete without a shot at the media.

While going on a tangent about how awesome the economy is under his leadership, the president told the troops in the audience that economic growth will go a long way in helping fund “all of the great things we are doing for our great military.” He added that he has “created almost four million jobs” — his job growth rate actually trails President Obama’s in his final 18 months in office — before claiming the media said that level of job creation was impossible.

“I’m so proud of myself,” he said while pointing to the back. “I didn’t call them the Fake News Media. I didn’t call them — I said to myself, I will not today in front of our great armed forces call them fake news.”

Trump continued, “We know the real truth, but we won’t say it today. But they wouldn’t have believed it possible. 4 million new jobs. Nobody would have thought that possible on the campaign trail. If when we were campaigning Mike, if I would have said that — if I would have said 2 million new jobs, people would have laughed us off the stage. Well, we have 4 million new jobs.”

Meanwhile, a number of the troops applauded and cheered as the president disparaged the media once again.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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