Michael Eric Dyson Shreds Candace Owens: Like Trump, You ‘Reduce Everything To Narcissistic Self-Preoccupation!’

Michael Eric Dyson Shreds Candace Owens: Like Trump, You ‘Reduce Everything To Narcissistic Self-Preoccupation!’

In the midst of her latest media blitz — this time due to her breakfast being interrupted — MSNBC invited budding conservative superstar and TPUSA grifter Candace “Red Pill Black” Owens to debate professor Michael Eric Dyson on the topic of President Donald Trump’s racially divisive rhetoric. And I know this will be extremely shocking to you all but Owens instead engaged in bad faith tactics, ad homninem attacks and played victim while making herself the center of attention.

In the end, Dyson called Owens out on her narcissism, causing the segment to devolve into a cacophony, which was always going to be where this thing was headed.

After Owens told Melber she wasn’t going to be pit against another black person while talking about things Trump said “18 years ago” when they should be talking abut black-on-black crime in Chicago, Melber pointed out that she knew the topic of the discussion and who she would be debating when she was invited on to the show. He then turned to Dyson, who went on one of his trademark florid monologues while tying Trump to racist politics of the past.

“So all I’m saying is, if we’re concerned about black people, we’ve got to be concerned about poverty, inequality, lack of access to education, plus the kinds of sorts of violence we see directed toward black people in this country,” Dyson said after stating that Trump can’t see the difference between those an anti-fascist and someone who supports fascism.

“Sorts of violence being directed towards black people,” Owens responded. “Am I black? I am a black conservative and I am not hearing anything said about the fact that about 25 white Democrats assembled to kick me out of a restaurant yesterday to throw water and to throw eggs at me because I’m a conservative that supports Donald Trump.”

She continued to bring up the Monday incident in Philly and claiming Antifa attacked her before asking the professor how “you allowed this to happen to your community because you decided that because we’re ideologically conservatives.”

Dyson pointed out that he hadn’t said anything about her while adding that he found those actions “reprehensible.” Meanwhile, Melber noted that Owens was personally calling out Dyson.

“Liberals have been attacking conservatives and you guys say nothing about it,” she exclaimed. “Blacks were attacked because they support Donald Trump. Black support has doubled since this time last year. You guys try to pretend that he is pushing in a racist era in this country when we know the Democrats are the racists, have always been the racists, the parties never switched, and you should know this as a civil rights person, you know the history.”

Yep, a person who couldn’t even be bothered to vote in the last presidential election just explained American political history to a Princeton Ph.D. and Georgetown sociology professor with 21 books to his credit. After giving Dyson a D’Souza-level history lesson, Owens again brought up her Philadelphia experience because of course.

Melber let Owens know that she had made a personal attack on Dyson and that the incident was not the topic she was brought on to discuss.

“It’s a Democrat policy,” Owens shouted. “Maxine Waters, when you see them in restaurants, go up to them. It’s a Democrat policy!”

Dyson responded by explaining that he never said anything abut Owens when she said he allowed violence to happen to her.

“I did not point these people toward you,” he added. “It’s reprehensible that any human being is put out of a particular establishment because of her ideology. That’s problematic. I did not suggest that. Number two, yeah, you are black and I am black, but that doesn’t mean we agree on everything.”

He then tossed this out to Owens, which immediately derailed the final few seconds of the segment:

“When you talk about me as disrespectful, here’s what’s interesting to me. You have come on here and like Donald Trump reduced everything to narcissistic self-preoccupation.”

Charlie Kirk’s partner in crime yelled about Dyson using big words before the two of them began shouting over each other until Melber told them they were out of time.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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