Former New York Times Editor: Rudy Giuliani Is A ‘Barely Comprehensible’ Liability For Trump

Former New York Times Editor: Rudy Giuliani Is A ‘Barely Comprehensible’ Liability For Trump

Former New York  Times executive editor Jill Abramson believes that Rudy Giuliani has become a liability for President Donald Trump. Writing in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, Abramson explained how Giuliani has degenerated from being ‘America’s Mayor’ and how his behavior is adding to Trump’s problems.

Abramson discussed Giuliani’s recent media blitz where he brought up a ‘pre-meeting’ that may nor may not have taken place before the now infamous Trump Tower Russia meeting. Giuliani was apparently trying to quash a news story, but Abramson questioned his motives.

“In rapid-fire sentences, some of which were barely comprehensible, Giuliani maintained that this pre-meeting never happened,” Abramson wrote. “So why did he bring up the allegation, which had apparently been put to White House officials, at all, deepening the intrigue surrounding the Trump Tower meeting?”

Abramson explained that Giuliani’s actions are difficult to understand considering his long experience as a lawyer and Mayor of New York, but she was keen to show that she was not impressed by his recent actions.

“[W]atching his incoherent bumbling as Trump’s new lawyer, no one would suspect his distinguished legal past,” Abramson wrote.” His off-the-cuff delivery made it look like he was answering questions before even thinking them through, nor the possible ramifications of his answers. It was distinctly un-lawyerly.”

Abramson said that influential New York business people no longer recognize Trump and Giuliani ‘as the sharp, savvy acts they were back then.’

“It’s sad to witness this final, inglorious phase of Giuliani’s career, given the admirable parts of the first act,” she wrote.

“But it increasingly seems like Trump has hired a liability. The wild, aggressive language should not be a surprise. Some of Giuliani’s campaigning for Trump bordered on the unhinged,” Abramson wrote, referring to Giuliani’s embrace of ‘lock her up’ rhetoric and attacks on the press.

“Trump’s strategy has been to attack Mueller relentlessly,” she said. “He wanted an attack dog to bite back at Mueller and there was no one more snarling than Giuliani. But he keeps messing up.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor