Fox’s Tammy Bruce: Acosta Walking Out Of Briefing Makes Him An ‘Enemy Of The American People’

Fox’s Tammy Bruce: Acosta Walking Out Of Briefing Makes Him An ‘Enemy Of The American People’

Following the press briefing back-and-forth between CNN’s Jim Acosta and press secretary Sarah Sanders that resulted in Sanders refusing to say the press isn’t the enemy of the people and Acosta walking out, much of the pro-Trump media has rallied around Sanders while taking aim at the CNN reporter. Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce took it a step further on Friday by literally calling Acosta the enemy.

During a Fox Business panel discussion on the brouhaha, Bruce agreed with host Stuart Varney that Acosta was “out of bounds” and said that if you “want to look at this as being the enemy of the people” it is when the press “does not do its job.”

“And you saw that played out right there,” she added. “Jim Acosta once again made himself the story, he made his own job the story. It was an attack on a woman who’s just trying to impart information to the press about what the White House is doing in a very volatile world.”

Mind you, the press secretary spent much of the Thursday briefing reading off a list of grievances she and the president had with the press and continued to do so when Acosta asked her if she would go on record and say the press wasn’t the public’s enemy.

“And yet for that fellow, it was about him, and then he became an infant and stomped out of the room when he didn’t get his way,” Bruce declared. “That is what makes you effectively in a larger, broader sense, an enemy to the American people.”

She went on to bolster her case by noting that Acosta didn’t ask any questions about “MS-13” or “American crime” and instead made it about himself and the media.

Later on, the Fox contributor claimed that the media “have abandoned their job” and that CNN in particular “is failing because they do not provide” information to the American public. Meanwhile, she had this to say about Fox:

“This network survives and does well because Americans of all stripes know they’re going to the get the information they need to live their day and to know what tomorrow will look like. That’s our job.”

Watch the clip below, via Media Matters.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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