Meghan McCain On Trump Supporters Verbally Assaulting Jim Acosta: ‘Has To Be Respect On Both Sides’

Yep, The View co-host straight up went "both sides" with this.

Covering President Donald Trump’s off-the-rails campaign rally in Tampa Tuesday night, CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta found himself the target of vicious heckling throughout the night as rallygoers flipped him off and tossed rage-filled vitriol his way. Following the rally, Fox News’ Sean Hannity and the Trump family celebrated Acosta’s harsh treatment at the rally, claiming Acosta deserved it due to the abusive way he and CNN have covered Trump.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of The View, co-host Meghan McCain seemingly echoed the president’s response to Charlottesville by pointing to an ill-advised tweet by a Politico reporter to claim there was blame to be placed on both sides.

“I don’t like any of this,” McCain said as the rest of the panel noted that Trump was shipping up this anti-media sentiment among his supporters. “I thought during the election when the amping up of anger was happening it looked dangerous. There was a guy that got hit in the face at one point in time.”

After stating that she has been vocal on multiple networks that she dislikes the media attacks, she immediately pointed to a since-deleted tweet by Politico’s Marc Caputo in which he personally disparaged the rallygoers who cussed out Acosta.

“Marc Caputo tweeted, ‘If you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you get a full set of teeth,'” McCain stated. “The pictures of the Trump supporters. There has to be respect on both sides.”

She continued, “You have to respect average Americans coming to the Trump rallies for whatever reason. When you’re mocking them at the same time, the war, which you just used that term, there are two sides to this. Americans in the middle of the country feel like the press don’t respect them. And that exacerbates that.”

Co-host Joy Behar responded that it wasn’t the New York Times or Washington Post doing it but just one guy at Politico, resulting in McCain exclaiming that she “doesn’t believe that” and that there are “20 million examples” she could point to but they were out of time.

Whoopi Goldberg would end the segment by noting that Donald Trump Jr. posted a video of the crowd assailing Acosta while adding “Hahahaha never gets old!!!” When McCain explained that she didn’t agree with that either, Goldberg concluded the segment by saying that perhaps “everybody needs to chill out” and “take a look at what we’re doing.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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  • Brad
    1 August 2018 at 3:02 pm

    Respect is earned not given. Since before he was even elected he has been doing nothing but demon eyes and demoralize our Free Press. Why on Earth would any network except for Fox News give him any kind of respect when they have been called file names have been made literal targets of? He continues to call it fake news even when they are supported by facts and figures. The only news that Trump and his cronies think his real is when it’s supports them. For the life of me I cannot understand why mrs. McCain is speaking out in support of a man who has made so many rude and Despicable statements about her own father.

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