Acosta Tears Into ‘Propagandist For Profit’ Hannity: He’s ‘Injecting Poison’ Into Our ‘Political Bloodstream’

Acosta Tears Into ‘Propagandist For Profit’ Hannity: He’s ‘Injecting Poison’ Into Our ‘Political Bloodstream’

Jim Acosta basically said “that’s all I can stands and I can’t stands no more” tonight.

With Fox News host Sean Hannity tearing into him for the second night in a row after Trump supporters viciously harassed the CNN correspondent at Tuesday’s Trump rally, Acosta took to Twitter and unleashed on the Trump-boosting conservative commentator.

“Hannity is a propagandist for profit, peddling lies every night. He says he’s just a talk show host, not a journalist,” the CNN reporter wrote. “But he’s injecting poison into the nation’s political bloodstream warping public attitudes about the press.”

He concluded, “I’m confident in the long run the truth will prevail.”

Tell us how you really feel, Jim.

The Fox News not only devoted much of his opening monologue to ripping the veteran reporter, he also brought former Trump administration figures Sean Spicer and Seb Gorka on so they could take turns throwing insults Acosta’s way.

Knowing Hannity, it will not end with Acosta’s tweet and we’re positive he will respond in kind via his numerous large platforms.

UPDATE 10:58 PM ET: Hannity has responded via Twitter, writing to Acosta that he’s “sorry your precious feeling are hurt & that people see through your lying bullshit.”

Justin Baragona

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