Sean Spicer Gets Brutally Heckled During Book Signing: ‘You’re A Garbage Person!’

Sean Spicer Gets Brutally Heckled During Book Signing: ‘You’re A Garbage Person!’

It has been a tough past few days for former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. His new book, The Briefing, has received absolutely withering reviews and it doesn’t look like anyone wants to buy it, despite his media blitz to promote it. And while hitting the talk show circuit, Spicey has found himself getting absolutely owned in tough interviews.

Wednesday night, things got even worse for the ex-White House spokesperson.

At a book signing and interview in a New York City Barnes & Noble, Spicer was confronted by a heckler who tore right into the one-time RNC official. As Spicer talked about his book, which talks about his time in the Trump administration, the man stood up and unleashed a torrent of insults.

“Hey Sean, you’re a real piece of garbage,” the man shouted at Spicer, in a clip received by ThinkProgress’ Aaron Rupar. “And I hope you look around and you see all these empty seats. And you realize even in New York City, people will not come and pay money to hear you speak!”

As the man was escorted out of the building while some in the crowd cursed at him, he continued to toss some choice words Spicer’s way.

“It’s a garbage book and you’re a garbage person,” he yelled. “You lied as press secretary. Now you’re lying in your book!”

Watch the clip below, via Rupar.

Justin Baragona

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