Hannity Completely Downplays ‘Muffled’ Cohen-Trump Tape: ‘I See A Dud’

Hannity Completely Downplays ‘Muffled’ Cohen-Trump Tape: ‘I See A Dud’

In a tape provided to CNN by Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis, then-candidate Donald Trump can be heard candidly discussing the details of buying the rights of Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal’s story about her alleged affair with Trump from American Media Inc., the parent company of National Enquirer. In the recording, Trump appeared familiar with the deal and the two men talked about financing and possibly setting up a company to secure the rights.

With Davis going on CNN to refute how the Trump legal team has framed the recording while noting that Trump used the word “cash” when talking about payment for the rights, Fox News’ Sean Hannity discusses the breaking news shortly after CNN aired the tape.

Hannity, who earlier this year was revealed to be a Cohen’s secret third client, solemnly introduced the recording while informing his viewers that “it’s muffled.”

Following that, Hannity discussed the implications of the tape with Fox News legal analyst. And in the Fox hosts’ opinion, it was totally no big deal.

“I’ve known Michael — I’ve been friends with Michael for a long time,” Hannity told Jarrett. “And I’m a little surprised at the recording of a client. That surprises me.”

He continued, “But with that said, when I listen to all of this, I’m listening to something that never happened…then they talk about pay cash or check, it’s muffled. I don’t see anything here, I see a dud.”

Jarrett would agree with Hannity, calling it a “red herring” to smear the president over something personal and that there are no legal issues whatsoever. He also reiterated that Trump “never paid a nickel” to buy McDougal’s silence and even if he did, $150,000 is nothing to a billionaire.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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