As Conservative High-Schoolers Chant ‘Lock Her Up,’ Jeff Sessions Laughs And Repeats Phrase

The attorney general was delivering a speech at conservative campus organization TPUSA's High School Leadership Summit.

Can’t you just feel the civility?

Appearing at right-wing campus organization/own the libs factory TPUSA’s High School Leadership Summit Tuesday morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered a speech in which he slammed liberal “snowflakes” for needing “safe spaces” following the 2016 election.

After telling the group of conservative high school kids how much he loves them, the crowd broke out into a “Lock Her Up” chant. In case you have amnesia, this was the rallying cry of Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign who wanted to see Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tossed in jail — a chant that has lived on into Trump’s presidency.

So, how did the head of the nation’s Department of Justice react to a group of teenagers calling for a private citizen and Trump political rival to be locked up? He laughed and repeated the phrase, that’s how.

Reporters and journalists were naturally taken aback by the attorney general’s actions.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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