Alex Jones: James Woods’ Agent Dumping Him On July 4th Was Start Of Second Civil War

Alex Jones: James Woods’ Agent Dumping Him On July 4th Was Start Of Second Civil War

Earlier this week, InfoWars founder and supplement salesman Alex Jones became the target of widespread mockery — more so than usual — when he declared that Democrats were planning to launch a second Civil War on the 4th of July. Jones’ prediction went viral and led to trending Twitter hashtags satirically discussing the horrors of the lib vs. MAGA war.

The day after we were all supposed to witness the opening salvo of Civil War II, Jones tossed out a Periscope video claiming that it had indeed already started. His proof? An over-the-hill actor saw his agent dump him.

See, late on Wednesday, Casino star James Woods announced on Twitter that agent Ken Kaplan had sent the actor an email saying that he was doing a “patriotic” thing by dumping the MAGA-loving actor. Woods, who has morphed into a far-right Twitter troll in recent years, tweeted out that he’d figure his now-former agent would “appreciate free speech and one’s right to think as an individual.”

In his Thursday vid — which he filmed while driving around — Jones first bragged about how many millions of views his civil war prediction video got before diving into how he was absolutely right.

“Rob Reiner was saying we’re now in a civil war — the last battle of the civil war,” he said. “Michael Moore — surround the capitol, don’t let them vote for SCOTUS. Y’know, all these conservative movie stars had their — like James Woods — had their managers fire them on July 4th, saying the war starts now, basically.”

Jones, a man who claims the Pentagon is making the frogs gay, went on to say that he explained previously that this is a “demarcation line” and when historians look back they’ll debate over what was the actual kickoff point of this civil war, much like they have over Civil War V.1. This then led to some ranting about Antifa and what not, with Jones trying to make the case about “hot” civil wars versus “cold” civil wars.

“That’s how they take MY victory of predicting all this first and turning into defeat in their own minds!” Jones exclaimed, adding that he has said “over and over and over” that it wouldn’t be a “big shooting war” but rather a jumpoff point for a “Rage of Summer.”

As the Washington Post pointed out this week, Jones and his InfoWars compatriots have a habit of predicting the Democrats and liberals are pushing for civil war and that the start is inevitable.

Justin Baragona

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