Alan Dershowitz: I Wasn’t Whining When I Complained About My Martha’s Vineyard Shunning

Alan Dershowitz: I Wasn’t Whining When I Complained About My Martha’s Vineyard Shunning

Famed retired law professor Alan Dershowitz insists he totally wasn’t whining when he spent an entire opinion column lamenting that his rich friends on Martha’s Vineyard wouldn’t invite him to their cocktail parties.

In case you missed it, Dershowitz was the target of pointed mockery over his piece for The Hill in which he wrote that Maxine Waters doesn’t speak for Democrats or liberals. While the article was supposed to be about decrying “extremists,” the attorney devoted most of the column space to lamenting how he’d been “shunned” by liberal elites during his visits to the high-falutin’ Northeast island because of his constant defense of President Trump.

Well, Dershowitz would like you to know not only wasn’t he complaining, he was “reveling” over his shunning, thank you very much.

“I couldn’t care less about being shunned by such people,” said the Fox News fixture who wrote an entire op-ed about his shunning. “It’s about their unwillingness to engage in dialogue.”

He added, “It’s bad enough when college students demand trigger warnings and safe spaces to avoid hearing views with which they disagree. But it’s worse when it comes from professors and media people. It’s a dangerous sign of the times.”

Yep, he absoltuely, positively wasn’t whining. Not one bit.

Justin Baragona

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