POTUS Guarantees That ‘Everybody That Ever Bought A Harley-Davidson Voted For Trump’

POTUS Guarantees That ‘Everybody That Ever Bought A Harley-Davidson Voted For Trump’

Over the past few days, President Donald Trump has engaged in a PR battle with motorcycle manufacturer and All-American brand Harley-Davidson over the company’s decision to shift some of its production overseas. Harley has said the reason for the move was due to tariffs that have resulted from the president’s escalating trade war. Meanwhile, Trump has threatened the company he used to tout on a near-daily basis that they will “be taxed like never before.”

During his friendly Fox News interview with loyal booster Maria Bartiromo, the president touched on his feud with the iconic company and defended his repeated targeting of them because “he devoted a lot of time to Harley-Davidson.”

He then made this oh-so-Trumpian claim:

“I gotta tell ya, everybody that ever bought a Harley-Davidson voted for Trump. I don’t know if you know that. They’re called Bikers for Trump…and they’re very unhappy about it.”

He then stated that Harley was always planning on moving production overseas “long before they heard of the word tariff.” The commander-in-chief further claimed that he “taught them more about tariffs than I could ever learn.”

In the end, he predicted that Harley-Davidson is “going to take a big hit.”

Watch the clip below.

Justin Baragona

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