Chris Cuomo Blasts Fox News For Hit Piece On Jim Acosta: ‘When Do They Start Calling Themselves Trump TV?’

The Fox News online post said Acosta was "shamed' at Trump rally as the crowd chanted "Go home, Jim."

There may be no member of the media who gets more crap from President Donald Trump and his allies than CNN chief Washington correspondent Jim Acosta. Trump infamously called Acosta “Fake News” days before his inauguration and the attacks from the administration and Trump’s media allies have only continued since then.

The CNN reporter traveled down to South Carolina to cover the president’s rally on Monday night and was met with intense vitriol throughout the evening — and Fox News took great joy in the crowd heckling Acosta.

Besides Fox News host Sean Hannity cackling with glee over Acosta getting shouted at while doing a live hit, the network’s website published a piece with the headline, “CNN star Jim Acosta shamed at Trump rally as crowd chants, ‘Go home, Jim'”. The piece began with the following paragraph:

Supporters of President Trump angrily heckled CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta in South Carolina Monday, shouting at him to “go home” and dubbing him “fake news Jim.”

After the online article went up, one of Acosta’s colleague angrily fired back, calling it a “BS piece” while wondering if Fox News would acknowledge it was a Trump-supporting network.

“Fox putting out a bs piece like this…when do they just start calling themselves Trump TV?” Chris Cuomo wrote, “what journalist would hype trump’s attacks on free press?


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