Trump: ‘Mexico Is Doing Nothing For Us Except Taking Our Money And Sending Us Drugs’

Trump: ‘Mexico Is Doing Nothing For Us Except Taking Our Money And Sending Us Drugs’

With the Trump administration having now created a humanitarian crisis at the border by separating asylum-seeking migrant families and placing babies in “tender age” shelters, President Donald Trump has decided to ramp up his angry rhetoric towards America’s southern neighbor and ally.

Already having re-embraced his campaign kick-off comment about Mexicans being rapists — he now says he’s been proven right — the president tore into Mexico during a Cabinet meeting Thursday, essentially calling the country a drug-dealing thief.

After whining about NAFTA, he said he was being “tough” on the trade deal because Mexico is doing “nothing for us at the border,” adding that the country just lets migrants walk through and go across the border into the United States.

“Mexico is doing nothing for us except taking our money and sending us drugs,” he sneered. “They could solve this problem and in two minutes you won’t have to do anything. It will be very interesting to see.”

The president pivoted from there to talking about “tremendous success” he has enjoyed with North Korea, claiming that not only will there be “total denuclearization” but that it has already started to take place. His proof? That he has a great relationship with dictator Kim Jong Un and he trusts him.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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