Megyn Kelly Calls Out Giuliani For Shaming Stormy Daniels: Y’Know, Melania Has Posed Nude

Megyn Kelly Calls Out Giuliani For Shaming Stormy Daniels: Y’Know, Melania Has Posed Nude

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani blew up the new cycle (again) by declaring to a Tel Aviv audience that adult film star Stormy Daniels doesn’t deserve any respect because “sells her body for sexual exploitation.” He added that someone “who sells his or her body for money has no good name,” essentially calling Daniels a prostitute.

During her NBC broadcast Thursday morning, Megyn Kelly joined the rest of the media in condemning and rebuking Giuliani. She also took the opportunity to remind both him and her audience that First Lady Melania Trump has also “sold her body for sexual exploitation.”

After the show’s panel noted that Giuliani also attacked Daniels’ physical appearance, using a tactic that Trump and his allies have utilized time and time again to dismiss allegations of misconduct and impropriety, Kelly brought up Mrs. Trump’s past nude photo shoots.

“Can I tell you, the notion that, you know, he respects women of substance, a woman who won’t sell her body for sexual exploitation,” Kelly said. “Melania Trump is classy and gorgeous, and I really admire her, but she has posed nude for GQ Magazine back in 2000.”

She continued, “To suggest that Trump would never respect and that Giuliani would never respect, anybody who sold their body for sexual exploitation — now, I’m not comparing the two. Posing nude is not the same as being a porn star, but come on!”

Besides the GQ shoot, the New York Post unearthed another mid-90s nude photo spread of Melania Trump in July 2016, plastering the pics on its cover during the heat of the presidential election.

Throughout his tasteless and highly personal attacks on Stormy Daniels, Giuliani has simultaneously placed Melania on a pedestal in terms of class and behavior. He’s also said that Mrs. Trump “believes her husband, and knows” the
allegations of an extramarital affair between Daniels and the president are “untrue.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

Justin Baragona

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