Joe Scarborough Agrees With Trump That It’s ‘Vicious’ To Lie About A Loved One’s Facelift

Morning Joe knocked this meatball that Trump served up right out of the park.

President Donald Trump decided that his attack du jour on the Fake News Media this morning would revolve around questions and speculation revolving around First Lady Melania Trump recent absence from the public eye. After the first lady set to make her first public appearance in weeks following a medical procedure last month, the president called the media “vicious” and “unfair” while claiming journalists had reported she had a facelift or was leaving him.

Well, one cable news host saw the perfect opportunity to point out that Trump had once made the very same attack on his fiancee and co-host, Mika Brzezinski, that he is now accusing the mainstream media of doing to Melania.

If you are wondering what Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough is referring to, here are the tweets sent by Trump last June:

You gotta hand it to Joe here. Trump grooved a meatball right down the plate, and he clobbered it over the fence.


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