WATCH: Trump Doesn’t Remember Words To ‘God Bless America,’ Just Nods Along To Song

WATCH: Trump Doesn’t Remember Words To ‘God Bless America,’ Just Nods Along To Song

After reigniting his favorite culture war — the national anthem and kneeling NFL players — by canceling the Philadelphia Eagles White House visit, President Donald Trump held a replacement event celebrating patriotism, the Star Spangled Banner, and the American flag because of course.

After Trump delivered a speech to a White House crowd Tuesday afternoon, the president joined the military band in singing ‘God Bless America.’ Except Trump appeared for all the world to not know the words to the patriotic hymn.

While standing alongside the military chorus, the president mouthed along for a while. Then, midway through, he stopped altogether, just nodding while the military chorus sang. He did’ however, pick it back up at the end and finished the song singing along.

This is reminiscent of this past January’s college football national championship game. Having spent months at that time making a stink about the Star Spangled Banner, the president took the field for the playing of the national anthem. Yet, at that time, Trump could only be seen mouthing the occasional word. And when he did seem to sing along, he was off beat.

Anyway, watch Trump just nod along silently above, via C-SPAN.

Justin Baragona

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